Plant Kingdom ToolBook is a supportive material for the “Plant Kingdom” project, a systematically designed series of workshops for children, that gives an opportunity to create a local garden, that inhabits forgotten local plants in combination with edible flowers and vegetables. It’s a playful space as a living laboratory that provides a rich context to explore: art, crafts, science, math, language and many more.

The ToolBook is designed for kids, their parents and school teachers, that includes all steps, explanations and different working materials that are used in the workshops. The ToolBook is created in collaboration with kids, by observing, asking and looking what language kids using to teach, share or explain to other kids their learning experience.
ToolBook is a powerful learning tool for children to investigate and discover the much-needed context of the world we live in. It also provides the opportunity to develop a learning system that children can enhance their creativity, social skills and self-confidence, regardless of their geographical and cultural boundaries.


At this stage of the project, the ToolBook consist of:


  • Six booklets that contains supportive material about the workshops

  • Three set of cart games: Kwartet, Memory game and Garden Of Cards

  • Box with seeds

  • Big drawing of edible plant groups

As the project is still in progress with more workshops being added, the ToolBook is incomplete.
The next steps towards improving the ToolBook, is giving it to teachers and kids in schools for the further research, looking at similar projects and design tools for children that will allow us to add new ideas and improve existing once.

The Plant Kingdom project is created by Lina Kusaite
Designed by Lina Kusaite, Loes Jacobs and Jostworld (
Project financed by VGC
For more information, contact Lina Kusaite:
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