There is an old Sanskrit word, lila, which means play: the play of creation, destruction, and re-creation. Lila may be the simplest thing there is – spontaneous, childish, disarming. But as we grow and experience the complexities of life, it may also be the most difficult and hard-won achievement imaginable…..

Art coaching is coaching that uses creative tools that supports your personal and professional growth. It helps you to find your own creative ways to express yourself by discovering different techniques or revealing your own creative potential, by playing, observing and hands-on activities. Art coaching will help you to obtain confidence by unlocking your creativity and imagination, which are in each of us, different and beautiful.


Format & Process:

I do believe that each of use has very individual and special ways of discovering, understanding creative tools and processes. I believe in curiosity, discovery and improvisation that allows us to look at the same things from very new perspectives and offers us the world that we never expected to find. Art coaching is a view to life from your most creative self. It’s unlocking your child that once was totally free of any regulations.

Every session is individually tailored to fit each client’s personal learning process and needs. The first session (approximately 2 hours) is free and includes an informal conversation, where you can express your wishes and find out about a working process. Based on the discussion the program will be designed and shared with group or client for the process approval. Every session includes check-in (becoming present), practical exercises that ends with observation and sharing. The session ends with overview of the day and the homework assignments.

Art coaching is a mixture of art tools and consciousness coaching methods. It can be organized in any location and uses tools that surrounds us.

Art coaching support individuals (One-to-One) as well as Group workshops.


What can you expect from the course:

You will rediscover your creative potentials
Obtain confidence in your personal creativity
Tap in to sensory exercises that helps you to reconnect with: smell, taste, hearing, seeing and touch. To sharpen our senses and discover new possibilities that can enrich our connection with day today life
Learn how through different artistic techniques you can improve the way you sense the world around you and share it with others
Reaching the goals while focusing and enjoying the process
Natural ink making and creating with nature
You will learn how different methods could stimulate group as well as individual creative processes
Learn different artistic techniques, general understanding about perspective, composition, colour pallets, human anatomy and more…


One-to-One sessions:

Group workshops:

DIY – Natural Pigments:


Who can participate:
There is no previous experience or knowledge in Art necessary to know how to draw, or paint. It is open for everyone who wants to learn and to do it
Coaching available for both grownups and children


Video: Why Drawing is Important?

Please contact Lina Kusaite for more information or an appointment